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Do you need inspiration to create the life you want?

Do you need to clarify thought processes, resolve problems, reach agreements and commit to actions?

Do you have good ideas but keep going round and round in circles?

Life coaching can help you put all your ideas into action.

It allows you to look at the reasons that you are holding back.

How you can go about getting the best results for you.

How you can maintain your motivation.

Life coaching can help you ask the questions that lead to the answers that are right for you, not taking on board someone else's answers.

I believe you have the answers...Life Coaching shows you how and where to find them.

What it is Not

Coaching is not Counselling or Therapy: Counselling and therapy typically start from the perspective that something needs to be put right, there focus is more towards understanding what went wrong and achieving acceptance with that in order to move forward.

With Life Coaching we would be working from the perspective that you are fundamentally whole, healthy and strong enough to deal with the challenges of coaching.

Coaching is not giving advice: I may discuss and suggest options for you, but essentially coaching facilitates your own thought processes, to prompt you to let the voice of your inner coach speak out.

Coaching is not mentoring: Working with a mentor is a great way to develop yourself when you find someone who is further ahead than you are in skills, knowledge, awareness-so you can model yourself on the best that you see in them. Mentors freely pass information that you can choose to accept or not.